About Us

Welcome to Runners Getup, your number one source for all things running gear and advice from running shoes to shorts to hydration packs and more. I have dedicated myself to giving you the very best and unbiased reviews with a focus on what best to wear and what to do when you begin your running journey!”

I started this site in March 2021 after I fell in love with running. I wasn’t really a runner. I was a Crossfit athlete who’s loving big weights and hating on all things cardio. But when the Covid 19 pandemic began, I was forced to stay out of the gym and do my workouts at home.

Things got pretty boring. There was no one to cheer me on, no one to compete against and I didn’t have all the equipment required by my program. I was forced to work on the one thing I hate most — running.

As I began doing it more often, I fell in love. I started trail running with my friends and doing virtual runs. Soon I realized I’m researching a bunch of stuff related to running, doing programs, and using my knowledge as a coach and as a graduate of physical therapy to better myself at the sport.

This blog is where I share my knowledge and experiences related to running.