Best Running Shorts for Women: Top 5 Picks

You are more likely to keep working out if you are comfortable, and that means having the right equipment and gear. With the right pair of shorts, you can optimize your comfort and be in the position to keep going for that extended running session.

Finding the perfect running shorts can be intense. On the endless journey for your running shorts, there’s a lot of frustration from chafing to wedgies. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

We have worked our way through hundreds of options and have come with a list of five of the best running shorts for women. Hopefully one of these will work for you.

Best Running Shorts for Women Reviews

Nike Dri-fit Tempo Track Shorts

Our first pair of shorts comes from a company that has been one of the leading names in athletic wear for decades. Nike has always prided itself on crafting goods designed specifically for athletes, and with these Dri-Fit Tempo Track shorts for women, they certainly have hit the mark.


Crafting a pair of shorts that is perfect for running starts with the materials. By using high-grade fabrics and coupling them with design features that optimize the durability and range of motion, you will find yourself with a great pair of shorts. The team at Nike truly understands this and has included the following attributes:

  • Made of 100% recycled polyester
  • Designed with a drawstring closure
  • Machine washable
  • Built-in briefs
  • Interior stash pocket included in the design
  • Comes in a wide range of sizes and colors

Nike is known for delivering athletic wear that is designed with everything that the athlete needs. That is true with their shoes as well as their actual clothing. These shorts are a perfect example. Crafted from eco-conscious materials that are comfortable, these shorts come in a wide range of colors.

The color selection, though not a crucial piece in the performance of these shorts, is important for those that still want to add a touch of their own personality into their workout attire. Plus, they are designed to keep you cool and dry through the use of moisture-wicking technology. That certainly helps enhance the comfortability factor quite a bit.

There are a few issues that we feel need to be brought to your attention before you make your final decision. The biggest one is the sizing issues. These shorts from Nike tend to run small, which can be combated by simply purchasing a size larger. Other than that, the short is not great for running at night. The lack of reflective quality eliminates them from the table.

Though this model does have some issues when you look at everything that you get with it, it quickly becomes one heck of an investment.


  • Shorts are eco-conscious
  • Built-in zippered pocket for storage
  • Has moisture-wicking technology
  • Comes in a wide range of colors


  • Lack of reflective accents
  • Issues with sizing – runs small

Custer’s Night Yoga Short

This entry is a pocket compression short that offers a 4-way stretch and a maximized level of comfort. The designers at Custer’s Night use a flattering silhouette and premium materials to deliver one of the best running shorts on the market today.


Compression shorts may look like a simple design, but in order to get them ready for a run makes this design a bit more challenging. In order to tweak the short to be perfect for running, there are certain features that need to be focused on. The team at Custer’s Night have decided that the following features should be included:

  • Designed with a mixture of two premium materials
  • Uses a high waist silhouette
  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • Elastic band built-in
  • Secure hidden pockets
  • Comes in a wide range of colors

These compression shorts will bring a new level of comfort to your running routine. They are crafted from thick and durable materials that will be able to stand up to your rigorous activity. The design is optimized by a lot of the features included in the basic structure of the short.

Plus, it is designed to flatter everybody’s body with a high waist profile. Then for your convenience, two large pockets are sewn into the sides of these shorts. Even with the thick fabric, the shorts still manage to be super comfortable.

Even though these shorts are fantastic, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for improvement. That being said, the first thing that we feel needs to be discussed is the stitching quality.

There have been quite a few mentions of the stitching coming loose. So the durability could be enhanced. Also, the shorts have to be hand-washed, which is inconvenient to some.

Despite these flaws, none of which are universal problems, this pair of shorts is an amazing option for any activity, especially running.


  • Thick and durable material
  • High waist design is flattering
  • Shorts are designed with large pockets
  • They are super comfortable


  • Issues with stitching quality
  • Shorts are not machine washable

Kipro Booty Shorts

The next entry is a well-designed and flattering pair of booty shorts. These shorts from Kipro are perfect for running or yoga.


The team at Kipro really focused on the fit of these shorts. These booty shorts are designed with care starting, of course, from the materials and ending in the final design. These shorts bring a lot to the table because they have the following features:

  • Crafted in Nylon/Spandex
  • Designed with a fold-over waistband
  • Machine washable
  • Sweat-wicking technology
  • Comes in a wide range of colors

These shorts are unique in the fact that if given the right size, they fit nicely on almost all body types. This is a feat in and of itself as most often when dealing with varying body types, there is one that seems to fit the short end of the stick.

For running, you have to add in the movement quotient, and this pair of shorts does not disappoint. They are comfortable to wear running shorts that give you just the right amount of stretch to allow for a wide range of motion. That, combined with the breathability of the fabric, makes them perfect for any athletic endeavor.

When you first get these shorts, they may not feel as soft as previously talked about. The answer to that is to simply wash them, and then that will be an issue no longer. The only other real problem is with select colors sizing. The black model of the short runs a little small. This, of course, can be addressed by simply purchasing one size up.

Booty shorts may not be for everyone, and this pair does have its flaws. However, when you really take a look at them, you will soon see why we had to include them on our list.


  • Soft and comfortable to wear
  • Shorts fit nicely on almost everyone
  • Fabric offers the right amount of stretch
  • Offer a good level of breathability


  • Issue with sizing in the black model
  • Feels better after you wash them

Icyzone Lounge Shorts

The next entry is a French terry drawstring short that is perfect for lounging around the house or for hitting the running trails.


There are many routes to go when it comes to designing a good running short. You can focus on the technology and come up with a high performing option. Or you can focus on the quality of the material and stick with a basic design. This pair of shorts opt for the material option. That means that this design includes the following attributes:

  • Built-in drawstring closure
  • Designed with two side pocket
  • Cuffed hem
  • Available in a wide color selection

There are a lot of things that you can rave about, but one thing sticks out above the rest, and that is the comfort. The terry cloth fabric is soft to the skin and helps draw moisture away from the skin. The thickness of the fabric helps keep the shorts in place even when moving rapidly as you jog along your chosen paths.

Plus, they are crafted with two amazing pockets that make it easy to carry your phone and essential accessories with you. All of that and you get a great color selection too!

There are a few areas that many feel could be improved. The first and most impactful would be a better sizing scheme. These shorts tend to run small, and though you could just buy one size bigger, that may not be the right choice for you.

There is also the depth of the pockets. The two pockets may be very handy, but they are a bit shallow, which could lead to the loss of important things.

Both of the issues are easily fixed or dealt with, which means that they can be overlooked with ease. If you can do that you may find yourself with one of the most comfortable pair of shorts you have ever worn.


  • Good fit in both length of leg and torso
  • Thick and comfortable to wear
  • Comes with side pockets
  • Nice color choices available


  • Sizing issue – run small
  • Pockets are not very deep

Cadmus Compression Shorts

Our last entry is a high waisted compression short that offers value and quality all in a three-pack option. The team at Cadmus knew that they were going to offer you the best value for your money.


The designers at Cadmus really wanted to deliver a compression short that was absolutely perfect, no matter the athletic activity you are into. They accomplished that with these shorts, and they did it by including the following features:

  • Constructed from non-see through material
  • Built-in hidden waistband pocket
  • Flatlock seam used to reduce chafing
  • Gusseted crotch improves movement
  • Uses Dri-Fit technology

These compression shorts are the cream of the crop. They offer a good range of motion, which makes them perfect for those long trail runs that move through uneven terrain. They also are great for support for the upper leg. This will allow for less crawling of the shorts when performing supper physical workouts.

The technology included with the design is also top-notch. Specifically, the one feature that really grabbed our attention was the moisture-wicking. This will keep athletes cool and dry. All of this and you get three pairs of shorts in a pack, so the value is well worth the investment.

There are a few issues that we would be remiss without mentioning. The shorts tend to run a little small. This, of course, as we have said with other models on our list, can be fixed by simply buying one size up. The other issue is not one that can be fixed.

The model is a high waist option, and for those ladies that are a little thicker, this may not be a good thing. The high waist may not end up hitting the right spot to be a true high waist.

The issues with these shorts are not ones that affect everyone, and so that being said, you can see why we opted to choose this as one of the best running shorts available right now.


  • Good range of motion
  • Compression offers support for upper legs
  • Value versus cost is amazing – 3 pack
  • Keeps you cool and dry


  • Sizing issues – runs small
  • High waist may not land right of thicker women


Running is a great way to burn calories and relieve a lot of stress, but that is only able to be done if you are comfortable. This translates to having the right gear, and though shoes may be top on your list, shorts are also an important factor.

You will need a large range of motion and a way to keep cool and dry, and all of the options above offer you that. That is why we placed these items on our list of the best compression shorts for running. There is something for everyone on our list, so we hope that we have helped you make this decision with ease.

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