Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 Review – One of the Best Carbon Fiber Running Shoes?

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Hyperion is Brooks’ line for fast shoes. But their true secret weapon is the carbon fiber-plated Hyperion Elite. However, The Hyperion Elite 1 was not quite what we expect. It got tons of negative reviews and was compared to running with a brick.

The Hyperion Elite 2, however, benefited the most from the improvements they’ve learned from its predecessor. And now some runners are calling it one of the best marathon shoes you can buy today.

In this Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 review, we will look at why this shoe is Brooks’ huge comeback in the carbon fiber shoes space.

Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 Full Review

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The Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 is an ultralight, carbon fiber plated marathon racing shoe that was first made public on Sept 2020.

It is a neutral shoe with an 8mm heel-toe drop and have a unisex sizing.

Let’s talk about the shoe’s upper, midsole, outsole, fit and comfort individually so you can better understand what this shoe has and what it lacks. Then, I’m gonna wrap this up with the pros and the cons and give my overall rating and verdict.


Brooks Hyperion Elite two has a stretch woven upper, exactly the same as the Hyperion elite one. It’s breathable and light, exactly what racing shoes should be.

The heel counter is a little flimsy, but that doesn’t affect the performance of the shoe that much. Although one runner complained that it gave her a little rub on her heel, but that could be a problem with the anatomy of her ankles and not a problem with the shoe.

It’s a little loose on the collar as well but I don’t find it affecting the overall shoe lockdown. Being a bit OC here but for me, it is not very pleasing to the eyes.

But if you’re fine with that then I guess you can say that Brooks did a good job with the upper overall.

If you’re more on the performance of the shoe plus the overall comfort and not much on the looks, I guess we can say that Brooks did a good job on the upper.


The midsole is where I believe Brooks did a fantastic job.

It has an ultralight and super responsive nitrogen-infused DNA Flash midsole where there are little bubbles forming in the midsole that helps with energy return (I’m not sure with the exact science). Plus, the carbon fiber plate helps with propulsion.

Combine that and you have a racing shoe that will make you run faster and for a longer period of time.

Compared to other carbon-plated running shoes that are mostly rigid, this has a little more flex to it. I guess that’s the reason for the springiness most runners are getting from this shoe.


This shoe have outsoles strategically placed in areas where most contact happens. It keeps the shoe light and fast.

However, this may mean that this shoe could be a bit slippery in wet places. So make sure you check out the conditions in your route before you run in these shoes.


The shoe is a little bit roomy. So if you like a snug fit, keep that in mind. I suggest going a half size down or wearing thicker socks for this shoe.

Comfort-wise it is a very comfortable shoe.


According to Brooks, this shoe will last for about 300-400 miles depending on the runner. So I suggest you get a training shoe and save this one for the races.

Overall Performance

Overall, this shoe is a huge step up from its previous version, the Hyperion Elite 1 despite being an ounce heavier.

It’s very light, very responsive, energy-efficient, and comfortable. It’s a little bit expensive at $250 though, but for sure you’re gonna get the bang for your buck in these shoes.


  • Support level: Neutral
  • Running Feel: Fast / Bouncy
  • Stack height: 35mm / 27mm
  • Heel-toe drop: 8mm
  • Weight: 7.6oz / 215.5g
  • Surface: Road

Who are These For?

Pro marathon runners will benefit the most out of this race shoe.

I, personally, will use this for threshold runs and even half marathon races.

What’s Included?

The package includes a pair of Brooks Hyperion Elite 2

Overview of Features

Ultralight and Very Responsive DNA Flash Midsole

The Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 is equipped with a nitrogen-infused DNA flash that is very light and gives out a little bounce for efficient energy return so you can run faster for longer.

Energy-Saving Carbon Fiber Propulsion Plate

A carbon fiber that is a little flexible than what’s found in other carbon-plated shoes is sandwiched between two DNA Flash midsoles. This will help propel you forward and reduce the energy consumption of your body resulting in a less beat-up body even after a long race.

Fast Transitioning Rapid Roll Technology

Rapid roll technology is the curved sculpting of the heel and toe found in the midsole works with the carbon fiber plating to help propel you forward faster and effortlessly.

Lightweight and Breathable Upper

Its ultralight, stretch woven upper is breathable and offers a secure fit.


  • The carbon-fiber plating is not as rigid as other carbon plated running shoes
  • Very bouncy/springy feel on the run helps conserve energy
  • You won’t feel very tired after a long run
  • A little softer on the land compared to some carbon plated shoes
  • Rapid roll technology works very well in the transition


  • Good fit but only if you get your right size (I suggest going half size down)
  • A little loose in the collar of the foot (does not affect the overall lockdown but aesthetically not very pleasing)
  • A runner complained of a little heel rub (on the Achilles tendon) but that could easily be solved by wearing ankle socks
  • Slippery on wet areas
  • Very expensive

In Summary

Brooks Hyperion Elite 2

Runners Get Up

Price for Value


Compared to the Hyperion Elite I which got tons of negative reviews, the Hyperion Elite II will get the recognition that it deserves. It’s very light, very comfortable, very responsive, energy-efficient, and a little softer on the land compared to other alternatives.

Some runners even claim that this shoe made them less tired running on the same miles when running on other race shoes.


Best Alternative

Saucony Endorphin Pro

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Like the Hyperion Elite 2, the Saucony Endorphin pro is lightweight, bouncy, and has a carbon fiber plate that helps with the propulsion. It also has a Speedroll technology, similar to the Rapid roll technology but is priced at around $200.

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