Nike Women’s Dri-fit Short Review

For those women who are living an active lifestyle, this review is going to help a lot. A lot of times, women aren’t comfortable with tight-fitting shorts. Hence, they look for comfortable and easy-to-wear running shorts.

Although there are numerous options available on the market, choosing the most appropriate one isn’t that simple.

To assist you, we have compiled a review of the Nike Women Dri-fit Short. It is a quality product, which offers some of the most amazing features.

Below is a comprehensive and unbiased review, which should make it easy for you to reach a viable decision.

Nike Women’s Dri-fit Short Review

If you are looking for a perfect tempo that gives you comfort and improves your overall performance, think about Nike Women’s Dri-fit Short.

This particular short will persuade you to run for a longer stretch. The overall build quality is satisfactory. With its trendy and comfortable to wear design, you will love to wear this short while running.

Who Is This Product For

This short is specifically designed for women. If you love to run or take part in different physical activities, this is the right option for you. Being affordable, you can also buy this short without any issue.

What’s Included?

The package includes the Nike Women Dri-fit Shorts.

Overview of Features

Nike Women’s Running Shorts are designed in a way to ensure a comfortable fit that doesn’t feel sloppy.

This makes it a perfect option for all types of activities. With its patent Dri-FIT technology, the perspiration is evaporated much sooner than you expect.

Furthermore, its elastic waist also comes with an interior drawstring, which offers a secure yet comfortable fit. The most amazing feature of this short is the provision of built-in briefs.

These briefs provide the required comfort and support. With its interior stash pocket, you can store some cash or other small items. In addition, the availability of mesh panels improves the cooling and ventilation process.

Moreover, the curved hems assist a much wider range of movement. Since this short is made of 100% recycled polyester, it proves to be an environment-friendly product, and these shorts are easy to wash.

The Nike Women’s Extended Size Dry Tempo Short is specially designed for running. When wearing these shorts, you would feel the highest level of comfort, and the scalloped hemline provides maximum freedom.

The mesh panel is located on each side, which makes these shorts lightweight and breathable.

Moreover, you can easily put your key in its small drop-in pocket. The Dri-FIT technology provided with these shorts keeps you dry and comfortable. As a result, you can focus on your running.

Its 3” inseam and curved hem give you a great range of motion. Since it’s a breezy build, the side mesh panel offers some additional ventilation.

How To Use It

These shorts are perfectly designed sportswear for women. You can use them for running, jogging, and other types of workouts. Due to its breathable mesh side, it offers better ventilation. Therefore, you can stay more comfortable while wearing these shorts in the summer.

Since this product comes to you from a popular and reputed brand, you won’t find any serious issue with it. However, there are slight design aspects, which doesn’t come up to the expectations.

For instance, the leg openings may be too large for some. As a result, women with skinny legs may not find it a suitable choice.


  • Comfortable and durable shorts
  • Elastic waistband offers a secure and comfortable fit
  • Trim and contrast panels add more style to this short
  • Provides coverage and supports with its built-in briefs
  • Internal pocket allows you to carry your items securely
  • Offers extra ventilation with its side mesh panels


  • Leg openings are too large for some


If you are in search of more affordable and comfortable shorts, here is the best possible alternative to consider. The Adidas Women’s Run It Slim Shorts serve as great running shorts.

Especially when you are running or jogging during a hot summer evening, this is the option to consider. The inner briefs offer a better and secure fit without compromising the overall comfort of these shorts.

The slim-fit design not only looks good but feels good too. The elastic closure is also there, which gives you a customized fit.


After reading this review, it should be much easier for you to make a suitable decision. The Nike Women’s Dri-Fit Shorts come from a renowned brand, which makes them highly reliable.

Furthermore, you can enjoy wearing these shorts even during summer. This is due to the mesh sides, which keeps you dry and cool.

As a whole, this women’s short by Nike offers all those essential features that you can expect from a quality product. The use of quality materials makes it a highly durable product.

With all these features, you won’t regret buying this Nike Women’s Dri-fit short.

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