Recommended Running Gear (No Fuss, Only The Ones I Recommend)

When I began my running journey, I was having a difficult time finding the perfect running gear for me.

As a beginner, being bombarded with hundreds of products when I’m trying to search for the “best running shoes” or the “best running vest” puts me in a never-ending cycle of confusion. The details of each product are boring. I just want to find something I could count on and I would be happy with.

I would search a blog post to find 10 different recommendations, then I’d open another blog post and find a different set of 10 recommendations. I’d put tons of research into each product to narrow it down to 3 products I’d actually consider. I just want to buy something I could be happy with.

You get it, right? Reading tons of articles to find one product that would satisfy me is hard. Top that with conflicting opinions of different reviews and you’re on a tailspin into confusion. I wish someone could just tell me the ONE THING they recommend. Sadly, all I can see are “10 best” articles that always lead to confusion.

Being on the other side of things, I know how you feel. That is why I decided to just skip the heavy list of products and give you just one to three product recommendations that I could guarantee you’ll be happy with.

I’ll skip the heavy list of products and give you one to three product recommendations that you’ll be happy with, GUARANTEED!

Runners Getup

By no means that all these items are top of the line (I don’t just want to shove the most expensive option as my recommendation), but what I can guarantee you is that these products are recommended based on personal experience or in-depth research and that these products will give you a good value for your money’s worth.

Running Gear

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